Unusual Affair

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I oftentimes frequent the last pages of books to only meet their last word —that definitive detail we dare to forget. The word that conceals secrets about the book, the story, or the writer, while we pass by and shelve.

Inversely, the delicacy of this front, its arrangement, the typography, and the mastery of the author, deserves to delay the usual affair to the ordered time and place.

The Bauhaus in a Block

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This is it. The verge of this 2019, the brink of a decade, and the conclusion of a century from the founding of one of the most significant schools of Design. The Bauhaus has proven to be inspiringly contagious in length and in varied fields.

Design came into being in 1919…

Bruno Munari

Many were the events, festivals, and exhibitions this year that honored its importance in Western culture. And we wanted to leave yet another gesture of admiration: The Bauhaus Block, a WordPress contraption to celebrate the century of this particular guild.

A unique block, extensible with three styles –basic forms, year, and ribbon– that embraces the character, variety, and edge of the Bauhaus movement itself.

This open-sourced block, whose code and design is available for everyone, came out of serendipitously exploring the edges of the block as a canvas for creative outputs, and as a desire to celebrate the Bauhaus with Gutenberg, a WordPress bet to the future of an open web. 

The Bauhaus was indeed a platform where all disciplines and possibilities could collide, a time and space for creative openness. The Bauhaus Block is the intent to intersect two distinct platforms such as the school’s and that of WordPress. Both were, are, and will be a stance, avoiding all rigidity, prioritizing creativity, freeing individuality and diversity. Both strive to build pleasant, responsible, reliable, and effortless design. 

By experimenting with the capabilities of the block as a creative platform, we hope the Bauhaus Block can inspire people to keep creating a stimulating and open web, as well as builders to keep building the next generation of blocks. 

While the Bauhaus is still anchored in many products and philosophies after 100 years, the WordPress block editor is only in the advent of an auspicious future, yet in constant change, as a new way forward for WordPress and the web publishing experience. A prelude of the next decade, why not the next century. 

Designing Like a Gardener

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I work for a long time, sometimes years, on the same canvas. But all this time, there are periods, sometimes quite long, when I’m not doing anything with it.

The important thing for me is that its point of departure –the shock that determined it– must be felt.

Things come slowly. My vocabulary of forms, for example –I didn’t discover it all at once. It formed it self almost in spite of me.

Things follow their natural course. They grow, they ripen. I must graft. I must water. Ripening goes on in my mind. So I’m always working at a great many things at the same time. And even in different fields.

Joan Miró