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As a repeated migrant, the distance from Galicia turns at times sour –that esoteric flavour we call morriña, an obstinate melancholy for our culture. But it does vanish when I come across pieces like this visual essay by Pepe Barro about the inception of the Magazine Nós, the principal platform of Galician design in the twentieth century. Sendo emigrante repetidas veces, a distancia de Galicia tórnase por momentos agre –ese sabor esotérico que chamamos “morriña”, […]

Writing as designing

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“It is the other arts that taught me writing” was attributed to Stendhal –fictional or not, this rings familiar to me. While I’m not virtuous in English, I think of writing similarly to how I think of design and value (not in any order but in synergy): The form, how richly is formatted and thoughtfully curated. The function, how well is written following the given grammar standards. The significance, how relevant, contextual, and meaningful. And […]



Gary Hustwit has been kind enough to share his movies during this particular context we live in, and I had the opportunity to watch Rams a third time due to a profound respect for Dieter Rams and his legacy in a design culture –the European and Swiss in particular– I grew up in. Perhaps why I call him Dieter, a daring approximation to the familiar. The picture’s cordiality and beauty shall not hide some proclaims […]